Oh what a beautiful day it is! Makes it difficult to be inside working. I’m making progress though and I’m sure I’ll have some stuff posted through this week of video’s im cutting together. I’ve got the Veterans History Project, where I sat down and talked to Dale Wilson who was a nose gunner in WWII. I’ve got a short video from Bahama Bobs which is a great little dive place on the beach for food. And I’ve got some video to put together from the airport. I went out and filmed some from the Birds of Paradise biplane rides, so I’ll be posting something from that as well. SO stay tuned!

Oh and by the way, yesterdays post was not intended as a ‘poor pitiful me’. I post shorts about those sort of things so the rest of the photography community can see what a pain things can be at times. I finished college 4 years ago and was in no way prepared to deal with the real world of business. College teaches you the craft, the rest comes from dealing with people and talking with those who have dealt with blunders and good times. I want to share my blunders and good times so other artists emerging in the world know what to expect.

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