Abe Partridge ~ The Undisclosed Location in Southwest Asia Killing Floor Blues

Abe Partridge is a variety of music I don’t think I’ve heard anywhere else before… and I like it!

I was down in Mobile, Alabama a couple months ago and had the opportunity to film Abe playing an opening set at The Steeple. If you want someone with an interesting life story, this is your guy. I’ve got a couple songs that Abe was gracious enough to let me release. Here’s the first of those. “The Undisclosed Location in Southwest Asia Killing Floor Blues”.

Love In The Dark

Abe Ptraidge’s 403 Freakout

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  1. I heard Abe Partridge last night on the news channel in Knoxville and I loved him, his type of gravely voiced singing and the words to his songs! This guy is the next singing hit sensation and I look so foward to hearing all of his works! Brilliant and love his country language! He talks exactly like me!

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