Adding a filter to Sony zv-1 & rx100

The Sony rx100 has been a kingpin of pocketable point and shoots for some time. The last two renditions of the rx100 line-up, the rx100m6 & rx100m7, changed a few physical features about the camera, including a change in aperture range, removal of the ND filter, etc. Primarily they moved to a 24-200mm zoom range compared to the 24-70mm of the previous versions.

Another physical change is the barrel size of the lens. This also means a change in stick-on filter adapters. There’s a lot of them on the market, mostly around the $15 range. BUT it appears the new Sony ZV1 from Sony has the ‘old’ 24-70mm lens back. This means you can use any of the filter adapters designed for the rx100 up to M5 on the ZV1.

Here an image so you can get a visual at the front barrel difference. ZV1 on the left. RX100 M6 on the right. The filter adapters made for the m6&7 have an oblong hole vs the circular ones.

You can see below how the sticky part lines up much nicer on the zv1 than on the rx100m6. I also purchased two different filter adapters. The Kiwifotos one cost me $15 and only had a 3-star review, and the other JJC which had a much better star rating and only cost $13. I can not tell any difference between the two, as seen in the left image. The JJC came with a 52mm lens cap, and the Kiwi came with extra sticky rings in case you mess up while mounting it. In case one of these features is more important to you than the other.

These options provide an excellent way to add filters to your point and shoot camera. I put a 52mm Gobe UV filter on to help protect the front as I do on all my lenses. I loved the fact I could get a compact filter set from Gobe that included a clear UV for protection, a polarizing filter, and end caps to keep filters protected while in my pack.

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