Days Of The Dead ~ Atlanta 2017

Had a great time this year at the Days Of The Dead convention here in Atlanta. Always an awesome group of people who come out for this.

In the gallery below I clicked a few shots of some of the greats from horror film history, including Leatherface with a mini chainsaw, and four of the actors who portrayed Jason in Friday the 13th. The discussion with the kids from Stranger Things was absolutely amazing.

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Two different head shot projects I worked on the past week. One on a solid grey fold out, one with a courtyard behind them. The standard grey was a tight squeeze. We were set up in a 5×8 space with three strobes, backdrop, reflector, stool, model & photographer.
The environmental shots were definitely more spacious since I was out on a terrace balcony with a courtyard behind us. This was a tough shoot though because we started at sunrise. It gave a beautiful hair light and rim light, but I was chasing my exposure all morning as the sun came up directly behind them.


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