DragonCon 2017

DragonCon 2017, what a year…. what a crowd! Every year this convention grows. I feel like this was the number one complaint from everyone I talked to though, the crowds are insane. Atlanta isn’t a small town anyhow, but putting 90,000 people in a couple square blocks is a sight to see. ¬†Granted the larger conventions are able to bring larger names, like Matt Smith (Dr Who), and Stan Lee (Marvel) just to name a couple.

None-the-less it was still a great time. I loved seeing all my friends, having the opportunity to hang out, and see/hear some amazing performances. Below is a preview of my 2017 convention. Click HERE for the full gallery. All images are free to use for non-commercial use with credit to chphotovideo.com.

Starting the gallery are a handful of backstage portraits with the wrestlers. Yes, wrestlers. DragonCon puts on a wrestling match (trained group of people) and they put on a great show! Since a couple other photographers from the crew were covering the matches, I figured I would take a different approach this year.
As usual, I always photograph the late night material, so I get to listen to some amazing musicians and dj’s. There was a proposal during the Triforce Quartet. Congrats Kevin! The group GLANK was something new, they were actually an amazing group of percussionists using all sorts of materials to create music. Also, a personal favorite was DJ Gilbert Carrizales who wrote a majority of his music just for this show. Great guy too. Check out his soundcloud HERE.


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