DragonCon throwback

With DragonCon coming up this next week here in Atlanta, I’m getting hyped for another exciting year of media creation!! I’m going into it this year with a goal. Not just my typical event coverage but I have a plan for some posed images w/ strobes as well as some video content. I filmed/cut a highlight video back in 2012 and figure its about time to revamp my DC experience 🙂

In light of the upcoming con I wanted to share a handful of shots from past conventions. Of course every photo has a story to go with it. A couple of my fav’s are:
~The little boy with the Mythbusters has a sign that says “I want to be cremated with flamethrowers by Adam and Jamie!”. Another Mythbusters shot where Adam says “omg, you look more like me than I do”
~Ensign Kim (Garrett Wang) as a red-shirt holding a baby over head yelling “We sacrifice this baby to the Trekie gods!.. no no, I’m just kidding, we’re not sacrificing anyone. Here’s your baby back ma’m.”



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