Example shots. 50mm SLR Magic f1.1 >< Canon fd f1.4 >< Leica-R f2

Just a couple quick example shots for the new SLR Magic 1.1 50mm e-mount lens, compared to two other 50mm’s. In hand its an awesome little lens to shoot with. All metal design, buttery smooth focus and de-clicked aperture. Almost everything about this lens, especially the price, are absolutely amazing. I’ve seen some reviews showing the IQ lacking. Draw your own conclusions below. I hope to show more IQ examples here on the blog, though I’ve never been one for shooting brick walls and giant test charts.

Here it is on the Sony a7rii

Size comparison (with e-mount adapter) left to right. Canon FD f1.4 > Leica-R f2 > SLR Magic f1.1

Below are the photo examples from each of these lenses. ISO 100, shutter 1/500. I changed the aperture for each shot. *click the image for a larger view
SLR Magic at f1.1. full frame / center crop / corner crop

SLR Magic f1.4

SLR Magic f2

Canon FD f1.4

Canon FD F2

Leica-R f2



  1. Nice comparison for lens which is now so hard to get. How did you get it ? Which one would you prefer Canon/Magic cine? Sharpness/Bokeh?

    1. Hey PhotoTOM. I think it still has the ‘newness’ about it so of course I’m loving the Magic. I feel its like any piece of gear, it all depends what your doing, need to accomplish with a shot, and what kind of look you feel like having that day. lol. The build and feel of the Magic lens are really really nice. I like that its a native mount, so no adapters needed. The old legacy lenses have a longer throw to them vs the Magic. It has buttery smooth focusing, but I typically pull apart my legacy lenses and grease those dinosaurs when I find them.

      I’ve been stuck video editing the past week so I havn’t been out to shoot to much with the Magic yet. From initial thoughts the bokeh is a bit harsher than the other two, as well as Minolta MD 50 1.4, but doesn’t feel as harsh as the Voigtlander 40mm 1.4. I’ll try to post a few examples between them.

      As far as how I got the lens, there’s a couple ways to go about that. Either do a pre-order (which I hate doing), add yourself to a sites email to be notified when in stock, or most other sites will say ‘expected availability’ and I just stalk the site come that date. B&H kept pushing back their expected availability date, but I have seen it in stock with them.

  2. Seriously! what a BS moronic comparison. oh, let take a real bad picture of something so low contrast and saturation with something like 2 ev of dynamic range, and compare lenses….

    Why not use a grey sky or a white wall to demonstrate that that Cine thingy is as good as a Noctilux.

    Next lets burry a Ferari and a Saab in the mud and chalenge passerbys to tell the difference.

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