Fair weather photographer??

I know it would be much more useful if posted in the morning, but its to darn cold first thing in the morning to be out on the beach filming. Plus since I waited till later this afternoon, I had a great opportunity to meet some new people.

Despite the clean up workers and the cold (what us southerners call cold) there were plenty of people out at the beach today. Several people out walking, enjoying the cool air and warm sun, we had a few wind surfers, and even a group of guys playing football. Of course seeing a bunch of barefoot guys in shorts and T-shirts in January caught my attention.

Mike was out flying his Blue Angels kite down at the beach today and had a great story to share of why he’s here. Of course the wind and onboard mic = unusable audio. Fortunate for us though, I grabbed the wireless mic out the truck and his friend Eric filled us in on what’s going on.



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