Hangout Music Fest 2013 – friday

A few shots to share from Friday at the festival.

FPA_8682 NAIA9852Interviewed a really cool band called the Banditos and shot some of their set. Loved it!!
FPA_8834 FPA_8784 FPA_8725
The Weeks were a fun group. Good crowd turnout for them too. I have video of more from that show and will share that once I cut something.
NAIA9631Last bit of fun for the day was shooting Kinfs Of Leon. Pit access for split into two groups, I got to shoot one song, and the stage was 10ft high, so I was lucky to even get their hands/guitar in the picture! Still a great show, and a lot of fun to shoot. Also, I saw a whale.
FPA_8911 NAIA9856 NAIA9983

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