Radney Foster in Atlanta

Radney Foster played a gig in Atlanta a couple months back. Musical legend doesn’t begin to describe this man. He’s one of a kind and I feel extremely fortunate to have had the opportunity to meet him and to record one of his sets.

It was a bit daunting. I originally came to record Eric Erdman’s set as he opened for Radney. Eric is another amazing artist I’m lucky enough to call my friend. (Find his album on his site: EricErdmanMusic.com) Between the time I was able to get access to the room and the beginning of Erics set, I had a whopping total of about 15  minutes to sling all my gear out, get an audio feed, and start recording. Before Radney come on, I was able to ambush him in the green room and ask if I could also record his set. He was gracious enough to not have security escort me out, and agreed to let me film!

Below are a couple pieces from Radney’s set. The first being a reading that is guaranteed to have you laughing, smiling, and crying all in a 12 minute story. Short of a Mike Rowe narration, this is one of the best readings I’ve ever heard. It’s called “Bridge Club” from the collection of Radneys book “For You To See The Stars”.

The second one I’m able to officially release is a reading and the accompanying song, both titled “Sycamore Creek”.

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Nick Branch @ the Frog Pond

Last week while going through video of CJ Watson, I cut together a couple songs by Nick Branch as well. Another amazing musical talent and great guy.

CJ was such a guitar beast, check out his fun addition playing his guitar behind his head in this video!

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The world is a little quieter and a little sadder with the loss of this extraordinary musician.

CJ Watson was an amazing musician, absolutely amazing, and the world is a little quiter and a little sadder without his voice.

I had the opportunity to meet this wonderful artist a few years ago. He was kind, warm, and genuinely brought a smile to every ones face. I was fortunate enough to record a few of his songs during a performance at The Blue Moon Farm in Silverhill, Alabama. On stage we had Sergio Webb, Randall Bramblett, Beverly Jo Scott, Nick Branch, CJ Watson, and Jeff Gilkinson

I can’t help but chuckle when I think about him singing “I Found Jesus”

Devil Prayed For Mercy

More To Love

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Abe Partridge ~ The Undisclosed Location in Southwest Asia Killing Floor Blues

Abe Partridge is a variety of music I don’t think I’ve heard anywhere else before… and I like it!

I was down in Mobile, Alabama a couple months ago and had the opportunity to film Abe playing an opening set at The Steeple. If you want someone with an interesting life story, this is your guy. I’ve got a couple songs that Abe was gracious enough to let me release. Here’s the first of those. “The Undisclosed Location in Southwest Asia Killing Floor Blues”.

Love In The Dark

Abe Ptraidge’s 403 Freakout

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So long Jabo

Jabo was one cool dude. When you think of the legendary James Brown a lot of songs come to mind, one in particular I think every person alive knows is Super Bad.  Jabo was the background beat that brought that funk, and ranks as one of the most sampled drummers in contemporary hip hop and R&B recordings. “I got souuuuul, and I’m super bad!”

I had the wonderful opportunity to meet Jabo a few years ago in Mobile, AL where he was playing a show at Callaghan Irish Social Club. This day was extra special because a representative from the City of Mobile was there that night to present Mr Starks with an honorary certificate stating that today March 29th, 2014 was officially JABO DAY!

I didn’t realize Jabo was from Mobile, I thought he had just settled down there after his extensive career traveling the world. While I was chowing down on a hamburger next to Mr Starks, chatting about music, I asked him “what brought you to Mobile?” … He looked at me a bit confused and said “THIS IS HOME!”

Rest In Peace Jabo!

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The Redd Wedding

For any Game of Thrones fans out there… dont’ worry, we survived 😉
Beautiful wedding of Phyllis and Raymond that I had the pleasure of filming and cutting this highlight video for.

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Will Kimbrough at Eddies Attic

Another spectacular performance from this amazing musician. I filmed the whole performance and will be releasing a handful of the songs to my youtube channel HERE. If you’re not already subscribed, pop over to youtube and click that subscribe button!

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Will Kimbrough at Smiths Olde Bar

Always an absolutely beautiful performance from this music legend. Such a pleasure to see/listen to Will Kimbrough any and every opportunity. I cut a few of my favorite songs from his performance at Smith’s Olde Bar here in Atlanta.

If you even have an opportunity to see him in concert, it’s a treat you wont regret. Or stop over at his website and pick up an album!


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