Post every day. I need to learn to post something. Anything…. Every day. I have spent the past few weeks editing, going through all my files renaming them to a different format. A consolidated format.

Date of photo from metadata_SpecificFileName_4 digit number

This is a format that I found works amazing. I actually took the idea from Chase Jarvis.

I’ve also moved my work flow to Apple Aperture vs Adobe Lightroom.

Ok, I hope to post more soon on whats been going on, what I’ve been doing, and more importantly to start posting photographs and videos.

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It is officially 01.01.2011.

I grew up along the Gulf Coast spending my early years digging in the dirt and floating on the water. When the time came, I ventured forth…. aka college. I spent the next few years on the east coast as a sponge, soaking up every drop of knowledge I could come across, and a few rays while I was at it. In 2007 I was a proud graduate of the Savannah College of Art and Design in Savannah Ga.

This is my new push. My adventure. I will be posting anything and everything that strikes a fancy. As a photographer, and video editor, I plan to use this as a place to post my thoughts, my ideas, my trials and failures, interesting finds, and video tutorials. I plan to post bits of wisdom I picked up along the way from my time at SCAD and my time as a photographer since ‘the good ol days of college’. Please join along in my adventure. Let me know what you think.

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