Met with a colleague yesterday for lunch. Had a great burger at the North Shore Grill at SanRoc Cay in Orange Beach. Ryan tried out “The Dank”, their famous Big Kahuna burger with chili on it.

We also had a chance to catch up and discuss some upcoming projects we want to work on. I think we hashed out a good start plan which I’ll put into action soon…. hopefully within this next week. I want to see the response to the first simple video’s, and then take it another step expanding on other ideas we had. Something pretty simple but I think people will take to it. A daily weather update. I’ll film down at the beach, show cloud cover, what the surf looks like, what the sands look like, and have on screen info for the forecast and temps.

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This is not my video. I found it on youtube but its absolutely brilliant. They pulled a matrix. Not to mention the Wonder Years feel at the beginning.

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Post every day. I need to learn to post something. Anything…. Every day. I have spent the past few weeks editing, going through all my files renaming them to a different format. A consolidated format.

Date of photo from metadata_SpecificFileName_4 digit number

This is a format that I found works amazing. I actually took the idea from Chase Jarvis.

I’ve also moved my work flow to Apple Aperture vs Adobe Lightroom.

Ok, I hope to post more soon on whats been going on, what I’ve been doing, and more importantly to start posting photographs and videos.

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It is officially 01.01.2011.

I grew up along the Gulf Coast spending my early years digging in the dirt and floating on the water. When the time came, I ventured forth…. aka college. I spent the next few years on the east coast as a sponge, soaking up every drop of knowledge I could come across, and a few rays while I was at it. In 2007 I was a proud graduate of the Savannah College of Art and Design in Savannah Ga.

This is my new push. My adventure. I will be posting anything and everything that strikes a fancy. As a photographer, and video editor, I plan to use this as a place to post my thoughts, my ideas, my trials and failures, interesting finds, and video tutorials. I plan to post bits of wisdom I picked up along the way from my time at SCAD and my time as a photographer since ‘the good ol days of college’. Please join along in my adventure. Let me know what you think.

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