Nice hike and 120 film

Went for a nice little hike last weekend. Hope to get out and do something fun this weekend too! It’s my birthday weekend. Yippie. wait…. crap I’m getting old.

It’s spring time and the weather is really nice. We went for a hike around the Sandy Springs area just north of Atlanta. Of course I took my Mamiya 645 with and shot some 120 film. Yes, FILM.

We found a waterfall, and saw a wedding party.
We also bumped into some awesome people along the way.
Caitlin who just graduated from Auburn (congrats!) and her pup Tucker. He was such a big baby lol. Then Lacey w/ Alex and Alisa w/ my favorite pup of all MASH!! I forget his exact breed, but man I love a good bluetick hound!
Good times. If one of you guys comes across this.. say hello! :)
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Photo Stream

Don’t forget to keep an eye on my Photo Stream!
I like to share random images of my life as I see it happening. My photo stream is where I do that. All kinds of images, from an afternoon walk with pictures of the river, to really expensive flip flops I saw at the store lol.

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Adams Rib / I Wish I Was in Heaven Sitting Down

This AMAZING group of musicians performed so many beautiful songs together on stage at the Frog Pond in Silverhill, Alabama. This is two of the songs I originally recorded on March 3rd, 2013, close to two years ago. ┬áThere’s a bit of fun ad-lib at the start. Will called Lisa Oliver-Gray up to sing with them. Such a beautiful voice omg!
Lisa Mill’s song “I Wish I Was In Heaven Sitting Down” can be found on her Album online HERE.
Oh, and can I get a “WOW” for those guitar licks from Luther!??

Luther Wamble, Lisa Oliver-Gray, Will Kimbrough, Lisa Mills, Eric Erdman, and Christine Santelli.

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Published – Sports Events Magazine

I love the surprise of seeing my work published! I recently came across a couple editions of the magazines below from Sports Events Media Group who brought me onboard to cover their 2014 event in Annapolis, Maryland. It was amazing! They really know how to put together an exciting event. I have to give special shout-outs to┬áKristen McIntosh and the team. They have really put together an awe inspiring group of ladies to handle this event. I couldn’t ask for a more talented (and beautiful) group to work with!

PPCO Twist System PPCO Twist SystemPPCO Twist SystemPPCO Twist SystemPPCO Twist SystemPPCO Twist System*I can’t take credit for the image of the midshipmen at the Naval Academy, nor the top images on the last page.

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How to shoot 24p on Atomos Ninja 2 recorder and Sony a7 camera

I had a tough time figuring this out. When I first plugged the Atomos Ninja 2 recorder into the Sony a7 camera, nothing happened when set to shoot 24p. It was like the recorder wasn’t even plugged in. I could cycle through the record options and they would work, but I didnt want to record in 60i.
After a bit of searching, thanks google, I came across a few articles that helped me figure this out. The camera has to be set to output in Interlaced (or auto). Do not set it to output in Progressive mode. The ninja 2 will take the interlaced footage, apply a pull down to it, and records 24p footage for you.
Hope this quick video helps a few of you with this!

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