The Montgomery Ballet ~ The Nutcracker

I had the wonderful opportunity to shoot¬†for The Montgomery Ballet’s 2015 performance of The Nutcracker. ¬†Along with photography, I’ve filmed one of the performances in full. This show will be available soon from The Montgomery Ballet on dvd, or as a digital download found on this site in the store.

The full gallery of images from each performance can be found here.
~Montgomery Ballet 2015 Nutcracker Gallery~
The images are free to download for personal use only. There is a purchase option for prints. If you decide to purchase prints of any of the images, that sale is directly with the print company, not me or the ballet, since I’ve set it at zero markup.

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Example shots. 50mm SLR Magic f1.1 >< Canon fd f1.4 >< Leica-R f2

Just a couple quick example shots for the new SLR Magic 1.1 50mm e-mount lens, compared to two other 50mm’s. In hand its an awesome little lens to shoot with. All metal design, buttery smooth focus and de-clicked aperture. Almost everything about this lens, especially the price, are absolutely amazing. I’ve seen some reviews showing the IQ lacking. Draw your own conclusions below. I hope to show more IQ examples here on the blog, though I’ve never been one for shooting brick walls and giant test charts.

Here it is on the Sony a7rii

Size comparison (with e-mount adapter) left to right. Canon FD f1.4 > Leica-R f2 > SLR Magic f1.1

Below are the photo examples from each of these lenses. ISO 100, shutter 1/500. I changed the aperture for each shot. *click the image for a larger view
SLR Magic at f1.1. full frame / center crop / corner crop

SLR Magic f1.4

SLR Magic f2

Canon FD f1.4

Canon FD F2

Leica-R f2


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