So long Jabo

Jabo was one cool dude. When you think of the legendary James Brown a lot of songs come to mind, one in particular I think every person alive knows is Super Bad.  Jabo was the background beat that brought that funk, and ranks as one of the most sampled drummers in contemporary hip hop and R&B recordings. “I got souuuuul, and I’m super bad!”

I had the wonderful opportunity to meet Jabo a few years ago in Mobile, AL where he was playing a show at Callaghan Irish Social Club. This day was extra special because a representative from the City of Mobile was there that night to present Mr Starks with an honorary certificate stating that today March 29th, 2014 was officially JABO DAY!

I didn’t realize Jabo was from Mobile, I thought he had just settled down there after his extensive career traveling the world. While I was chowing down on a hamburger next to Mr Starks, chatting about music, I asked him “what brought you to Mobile?” … He looked at me a bit confused and said “THIS IS HOME!”

Rest In Peace Jabo!

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