Spencer Bohren passes away

I met Spencer several years ago in Silverhill, Alabama. A small, one red light town, where he was performing at Blue Moon Farm with a handful of other musicians in the round. Each musician would play one of their songs while the others harmonized or added their own little melodic bits.

The farm has been a special place to a lot of people. Everyone who came would add money to the hat for the musicians to split. They’d bring a potluck dish, a lawn chair, and a cooler.

I was fortunate enough to record several of these shows over a year, including a couple with Spencer. His performances were nothing short of hauntingly magical.

Spencer Bohren vinyl. “Hey Chris… STAY OUTA JAIL”

He was always kinda and genuine. A soul that can never be replaced. He passes away June 8th, 2019 in New Orleans.

Night Is Falling

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