Stranger Things & A Smile For Days Gone By.

Everyone who watched Season 3 of Stranger Things I’m sure had their own nostalgic reactions. It’s an absolutely beautiful and well done series. Looking back, remembering the absolute best of our childhoods. Jumping on your bike and finding the other kids around town to play basketball. Riding in the far back of the vehicle, the one with no seats or seatbelt. I think we all experienced the ‘keep the door open’ rule. smiles

Stranger Things has also been special to many of us around Atlanta since the series is filmed here.

The sentimentality of time gone by was powerful this season. Not so much a longing for the past. I’m right where I belong and couldn’t be happier. No desire to go back and do it again. It’s something I feel inside. Mostly recalling or conjuring of mental images from my past. That feeling of joy from life gone by. A somatic empathy for the characters and their relationship’s with one another. All those people and moments that uncontrollably made a smile come to my face.

It wasn’t a desire of how I wished things had gone or for things to change. Just a smile of memories from days gone by. A smile and a hope that my friend is doing well.

This was back in college before the iphone even existed. El’s likeness brought me to think of a wonderful friend. For a time, she was certainly very dear to me. Here’s a picture so you know what I mean. Tiffany on the left, Millie Bobby Brown (who played El) on the right. I believe Tiffany was 19 and I was 20 in these photos.
*I also just realized MBB is 15 years old. She wasn’t even born yet when I took these pictures of my friend… 15 years ago. This life slips by us faster than we ever realize.

And yes, I can certainly appreciate the irony of a photography major with only blurry images. 😉

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