Quarantine Contemplation: Days Gone By #start

We have been in self quarantine for six weeks. Of course we’ve been out of the house to walk the dog and to pick up groceries, etc. What we havn’t done has been the normal interactions with other people that use to be the norm. No handshakes, no hugging friends, no movie theater, no dinner out. The most troubling part of it has been, there is no end in site. The numbers in the US grow every day, by an increasingly alarming rate. As of today, April 27th, over 1 million cases have been identified.
As of today, April 27th, over 56,000 people have died.

One of the most difficult parts for me, being a creative, has been no media creation. No events, conferences, or conventions to film or photograph. Instead I’ve been on a digital spring cleaning. Straightening up old image galleries and content I’ve filmed. A LOT of it that’s never been shared.

So in contemplation during these crazy times, I’ve decided to start a series of posts reflecting on days gone by.

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Nice hike and 120 film

Went for a nice little hike last weekend. Hope to get out and do something fun this weekend too! It’s my birthday weekend. Yippie. wait…. crap I’m getting old.

It’s spring time and the weather is really nice. We went for a hike around the Sandy Springs area just north of Atlanta. Of course I took my Mamiya 645 with and shot some 120 film. Yes, FILM.

We found a waterfall, and saw a wedding party.
We also bumped into some awesome people along the way.
Caitlin who just graduated from Auburn (congrats!) and her pup Tucker. He was such a big baby lol. Then Lacey w/ Alex and Alisa w/ my favorite pup of all MASH!! I forget his exact breed, but man I love a good bluetick hound!
Good times. If one of you guys comes across this.. say hello! 🙂
img051img043 img042img045img039

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