Emily Kinney – Married

Walker Stalker Atlanta was amazing last year. James and Eric really put together something amazing and hit it out of the park with the convention. Because of its success, they’ve expanded! Along with Walker Stalker Atlanta, they will have Chicago, Boston, San Francisco, and Paris! Fingers crossed I get to cover some of these other conventions!

One of the things I shot during Walker Stalker Atlanta, was the concert put on by Emily Kinney! What a beautiful voice and unbelievably sweet girl. You may remember me releasing “Hold On” a couple months ago. Since then I’ve finished a few more of the songs from the concert and they’ve been approved for me to send public.

I wanted to share this one here.

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Dragon*Con 2012 Video

Finally got around to cutting together some video.
Here is a look at my Dragon*Con 2012.



Blog post last week with Photography

Music is from the awesome DJ Nemises.
His Dragon*Con Mix (heard in the video) can be found HERE
Check out his facebook page HERE
SecretRoom.net is the one who put on the great party you see in parts of the video

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Dragon*Con 2011

So many pictures to share, so little space!! Well, here are a few… just a taste of the craziness hahaha

They want us to do WHAT!?

Left: “She ripped my heart out like this, then held it in her hand laughing maniacally.”  
Right: “mwahahaha he knows us woman sooo well!!”
Middle: “Just keep smiling…”

Amanda Tapping

Jefferson Starship


Yes, one girl is holding the other and the two guys are using angle grinders on her metal bra!

I have NO idea what to caption this as.

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D*Con is coming

It’s that time again!! Good ol Dragon*Con. So in preparation of heading out to ATL to shoot this years Con, I thought I would post a couple shots from previous years.

 HA, Thats Chewy daydreaming. No really he is Chebacca
Not something you see every day 🙂

Didn’t realize Jack had a cell

Looking upward in one hotel. And thats not even the top! I think 38 is the top floor

One of those times when I had to take a picture. Just to prove to myself I wasn’t going crazy.

They takes things kind of serious at Dragon*Con

The man who needs no introduction!!

I reject your reality and substitute my own!

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