Quarantine Contemplation: Days Gone By #start

We have been in self quarantine for six weeks. Of course we’ve been out of the house to walk the dog and to pick up groceries, etc. What we havn’t done has been the normal interactions with other people that use to be the norm. No handshakes, no hugging friends, no movie theater, no dinner out. The most troubling part of it has been, there is no end in site. The numbers in the US grow every day, by an increasingly alarming rate. As of today, April 27th, over 1 million cases have been identified.
As of today, April 27th, over 56,000 people have died.

One of the most difficult parts for me, being a creative, has been no media creation. No events, conferences, or conventions to film or photograph. Instead I’ve been on a digital spring cleaning. Straightening up old image galleries and content I’ve filmed. A LOT of it that’s never been shared.

So in contemplation during these crazy times, I’ve decided to start a series of posts reflecting on days gone by.

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Empty Atlanta ~ Covid-19

It’s now April of 2020. The world is an absolute sci-fi movie right now! I have no doubt this will go down in the history books for generations to see. There’s a lot of info more detailed than I could even articulate about the virus commonly known as the Corona Virus or COVID-19. But the general idea is that it is a novel (new) virus that we have zero immunity to. It started in Wuhan China and quickly spread to Italy where thousands of people died in a matter of weeks.

Originally it was said it only transmitted if you have the virus on your hands and then put your hands in your mouth, nose, eyes, etc. so washing your hands should keep you safe. Over the past month, I’ve read more and more articles stating the virus currently has 8 different strains, it can live on surfaces for days, and is now thought to be airborne. An early warning you may have it is if you lose your sense of taste or smell, and pink eye is believed to be another initial sign of you having it. The virus can live in someone for two weeks without ever showing a sign of symptoms, though we don’t know how true this 14 day period actually is. So we don’t know exactly who has it or doesn’t, there are not enough tests available to test everyone, and anyone can get it.

Current numbers as of April 3, 2020 at 3:45pm EST, the world has 1,087,308 cases of the virus and a reported 58,309 death. Though reports from China are saying the death rates are much higher. In just the US alone we have 270,062 cases (most cases anywhere in the world). The number of deaths are just shy of 7000 people, which 1000 of those deaths being from just yesterday. The next two weeks are downright scary to think about.
April 8th. USA Death toll = 14,668
April 11th. = 530,613 cases and 20,524 deaths in the US
April 14th = 586,941 cases and 23,640 deaths in the US
Worldwide just shy of 2 million cases and 120,000 deaths
April 17th = 710,272 cases and 37,175 deaths in the US.
April 24th = 890,198cases and 50,403 deaths in the US.

The only known current solution has been social distancing. Do NOT congregate together! All sports have been banned (NFL, MLB, NBA, PGA, etc). Atlanta was supposed to host the Final Four basketball this year. Even the Olympics have been pushed back to 2021 Everything’s been postponed or canceled and the collective world as a whole holds their breath to find out what’s going to happen!

We took a ride downtown yesterday, April 2nd, around noon. My wife drove and I shot from the passenger side, out the sunroof, or we’d just stop in the middle of the road for me to open the door. We made no stops at businesses, talked to no one, didn’t come within 50ft of anyone. Empty Atlanta is downright eerie to see.

We’ve been mostly on lockdown since March 16th here in Atlanta. One of us leaves at a time to get groceries and other needs. Otherwise we’ve been basically quarantined. A big question right now, in the south, is “Plague or Pollen”?? I saw a meme trying to bring a bit of humor to this dark situation that said “Covid hitting during allergy season. I don’t know if I have 5 days to live, or if I need to take a Claritin”. To give you an idea of pollen right now, here’s my jeep w/ pollen on it. 🙁

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