Days Of The Dead ~ Atlanta 2017

Had a great time this year at the Days Of The Dead convention here in Atlanta. Always an awesome group of people who come out for this.

In the gallery below I clicked a few shots of some of the greats from horror film history, including Leatherface with a mini chainsaw, and four of the actors who portrayed Jason in Friday the 13th. The discussion with the kids from Stranger Things was absolutely amazing.

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The modern age digital Holga.

How many of you know what im talking about when I say the “Holga”? Im sure a percent of you are thinking, this guy has spent a little to much time in German hostels. As a female name, its actually has a Danish origin. BUT for the photographers out there you either just gave me a high five, or imagined slapping me in the back of the head. You love her or you hate her. She is the Holga!

The Holga is a all plastic toy camera. You load it with real film, and take actual photographs with the camera, but it is as basic as basic can possibly get. It is a creative camera. A learning tool. My first photography class at Savannah College of Art and Design was centered around this camera. We used this camera for a couple different purposes. We used it to hone our skills in the darkroom because of the unique photographs it produces, but this camera was to teach us to stop worrying about each photograph and details of shutter and aperture and just take a picture. Pure creativity. Many of us fall away from this side of photography because of all the details and specifics our cameras posses. After college a few of my friends traveled Europe with their Holga camera. It was cheap, plastic, could be beat around, did not need batteries, could get wet, and had a spring shutter… I mean it made some wonderful photographs, but they certainly didn’t have to worry about someone stealing their camera.

To be creative and photograph just for creativity. As a photographer, this is rare. Taking photographs with something that produces a low quality crappy image? Why would I do that? I am sure a lot of you do it on a daily basis and never realize it. I call it the modern Holga…… our cell phones. This is something that every one of us has in arms reach nearly 24/7. Our phones take the same quality picture as a Holga, instead of shooting on 120 film, its straight to a memory card where we can see our picture that instant, make quick edits straight from our phone, and even post them for all our friends and family to see within minutes of taking the picture. And the joy of it is we don’t worry about specific focus, what shutter we are using, nothing but pure enjoyment and capturing a moment. To snap a picture out of pure carefree pleasure, not caring how it came out or what the picture even looks like. It’s simply for the creativity and for capturing that moment.

I challenge you to take a photograph every day. Any photograph. Something funny, something enjoyable, something painful. Anythings that is in the moment that makes us smile, makes us cringe, or makes us laugh.

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