Days Gone By: AL Gulf Coast From The Air

I’ve lived in Atlanta Ga for several years now, but once upon a time I lived on the island. I grew up on the Alabama Gulf Coast and love the area! Gulf Shores and Orange Beach really are special. Seeing it all from a different perspective by hopping a plan ride along the coast has to be on your to-do list. Either a small charter flight or for a really special adventure, flying in the open-air cockpit of an old biplane. The star complex is the Civil War fort on the east side of the mouth of Mobile bay called Fort Morgan.

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Hangout Beach, Music, & Arts Festival 2012

Good to go! All four days of the festival are up and ready.

Originally I planned to share images and post to local groups but decided to expand since I’ve had so many people asking to see pictures or where they can buy them. I know personal & commercial licensing etc but who wants to get mixed up in those details!! In the spirit of the laid back “be nice or go home” attitude that we adopted for the festival, I’ve decided to make it easy.

Credit to: CHPHOTOVIDEO.COM and you’re welcome to any images.

As always, send me an email! Say hello. I love hearing from people all over.
Enjoy, and leave me some feedback! Let me know what you guys think of the pictures and what you most enjoyed about the festival.

*All Photography copyrighted Chris Helton and

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I was digging trying to find some stock shots for someone and realized… I don’t have many stock images from the Gulf. Strange I lived at the beach for two years. While digging I did find a couple shots though that reminded me of better times 🙂

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CVB Headshots

A few of the head shots I snapped. What an amazing group they were to work with and photograph. Pretty straight forward basic shoot. I wish I was more creative in my approach, but I feel happy with the results none the less.

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I just hung out the plane, and snapped the picture.


Oh what fun this was!! Bar took me up in his biplane for a ride over the Gulf Coast. Him and his wife run the Birds of Paradise biplane rides out of Jack Edwards airport here in Gulf Shores, Alabama.

Someone asked me “how did you get that shot!?” and of course I wasn’t thinking about it but said “well, I hung out of the airplane and took the picture” HA how many times in your life do you get to say that?

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Vacation Guide Cover

Woohoo. It always gives a certain warm fuzzy when you see your work published. This time my photograph made front cover for the Alabama Official Vacation Guide.

Here is the link to the whole guide. I have several more shots in the Gulf Coast section. Alabama Official Vacation Guide.

Once we had the chairs in place, we had to make the sand smooth and relaxing. We had quite a few odd looks from people but it was worth it. We had to sweep the sand in the area to smooth out the foot prints and then use a leaf blower to blow the sand so it looked natural. Here is a little behind the scenes from the day of the shoot. The picture looks like a secluded beach, but here’s a look from the other direction. This is a picture of Dusty helping sweep. He was a huge help getting this shot. And on a side note he just got back from having his film shown at Sundance!

The waters were clean and clear and beautifully relaxing. Most people wonder how much photoshoping was involved, but this short video show this is really what our beach looks like. I had to walk in the water and grab a few short clips of these guys swimming around.




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