Sony mirrorless cameras and issues with banding

One of the beauty’s of the Sony mirrorless system is also one of its downfalls. Don’t get me wrong, this isn’t a issue from Sony. The issue of banding in the photographs is due to the electronic shutter and certain lights . I’ve seen this is other mirrorless cameras too. There have been a handful of people asking how bad is the banding issue? They’re scared to switch over from their traditional canon or nikon dslr because of it. Note* Even traditional dslr can suffer from refresh rate of lights and sync speeds. Here is one example of that. Both images shot on a Canon 7d at 1/500 ~ f2.8. One image is clearly brighter than the next. Main shadow to the back on one, and the front on the next. This is the cycle and refresh rate of lights. 


As of 2017, the technology of cameras and electronic shutters have banding issues at high shutter speed is just something we have to deal with across the board. Not just from Sony.

You can still shoot the standard mechanical shutter just like in your dslr. If you switch to mechanical shutter and still see banding, remember to also turn off electronic first curtain. Turning off efc also helps if you have issues with highspeed sync and flash. The banding is only an issue when using the electronic shutter with specific lights… I repeat, specific lights and at specific angles. There are other blogs that delve much deeper into the specifics of why this is happening but I just wanted to share my personal experience.

For me, shooting on Sony a7rii, and Sony a9, I have found that 1/80 shutter is the magic number.

First example was shot on an a7rii at f4 ~1/100. You can see faint banding on her arm and dress. I pulled a crop of that section to see it closer. ACP_0034_(05-09-2017)

Here is a photo at f4 at 1/60 shutter. The banding is pretty noticeable on her arm in the foreground and on the back of the girl to the right (click image to see larger). The second shot from that same angle was shot at f4 but at 1/80. All banding in the shadows is gone and you have to look really close to see any banding still on the musician in the yellow dress.


Shooting at 1/80 gave me the best results during this show. I self edited (deleted in camera) during the show and got rid of the higher shutter images that has really awful banding so I dont’ have examples to show. Here is a final image, again shot at f4 ~ 1/80. I also posted a small gallery of images a while back, Atlanta Chamber PlayersAll images shot at 1/80.


Continuing to another show, and shot on a different mirrorless camera. This performance was shot on a Sony a9. Again in electronic shutter mode. During the previous show, it was a classical performance so it was important that I make no noise. The next images could have been shot using mechanical shutter because the ‘click’ noise would be drowned out. I shot in electronic shutter 1. for faster burst options and 2. for the primary reason of no black out of the screen (only something on the sony a9).

The top image was shot at f4 ~ 1/125. There is noticeable banding in the background lights. The bottom image though was shot at 1/80. banding2
This image from a similar angle shots at 1/250 again with noticeable banding in the background with the green lights BUT none in the foreground where there were blue lights.

Same stage, same lights but a different angle and at 1/80. Notice zero banding, beautiful photo. Except of course I had to shoot at 1/80 and end up with a bit of motion blur. 

On a completely different stage. I shot this image at f4 ~ 1/500 on the Sony a9 using the Sony 12-24 lens. Not a single bit of banding anywhere in frame! So like I said, it depends on the lights and what angle they are. A perfect example of this is in the video below. A9_02647

One last example of the banding issue. Here is a short video panning across the stage at a rave. I muted the audio. Sony a7rii, I don’t recall the setting. 24fps 1080p. There are several examples of the banding and these changes depending on the color of the light and the angle it is. Some lights are fine, sometimes its really bad. Watch the curtains in the background too.

NOTE* Girls dancing on stage at rave. No nudity, but still maybe NSFW. 😉

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Hump Day. Climbing the proverbial hill. Once you get to a point you’re able to look back at the difficult part of your week/life and sigh with relief that you made it this far.
Here’s a “Soulful” performance from the amazingly talented Will Kimbrough and special guitar solo from Luther Wamble

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Kickstarter Funded!

Thank you so much to everyone who supported me while filming and again to everyone who supported the kickstarter project. It has been a crazy wild long ride! Thanks to one very big supporter, someone who believed in this venue and wanted to see my project become a reality as much as me, we were able to reach our goal.

It may be the end of the kickstarter, but only the start of things to come. There will be loads to do and I’ll be updating as the project progresses.

Screen Shot 2013-07-18 at 4.24.00 PM

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Hangout Music Fest 2013 – friday

A few shots to share from Friday at the festival.

FPA_8682 NAIA9852Interviewed a really cool band called the Banditos and shot some of their set. Loved it!!
FPA_8834 FPA_8784 FPA_8725
The Weeks were a fun group. Good crowd turnout for them too. I have video of more from that show and will share that once I cut something.
NAIA9631Last bit of fun for the day was shooting Kinfs Of Leon. Pit access for split into two groups, I got to shoot one song, and the stage was 10ft high, so I was lucky to even get their hands/guitar in the picture! Still a great show, and a lot of fun to shoot. Also, I saw a whale.
FPA_8911 NAIA9856 NAIA9983

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Hangout Music Fest 2013 – thursday

Day one complete. Really started off with a bang. Wow what amazing music!!
There is so much to say about the first day of the festival, even though it doesn’t officially kick off until tomorrow. There were still some amazing bands to play. My fav Umphrey’s McGee!! I hope to write more about this later, right now though…. its 1am and I am DONE. Goodnight everyone. Here are a few shots from today 🙂
NAIA8762 NAIA8923 NAIA9109 NAIA9127 NAIA9151 NAIA9327 NAIA9389 NAIA9473

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Final Frog Pond of 2012/2013 season – stills

Wow what a day it was! The music was an absolutely amazing thing to behold. Such a great turnout for the final concert of the season. I filmed the show for the venue but can’t decide what video to share! There are a few songs that just capture you. I’m working on the cutting something and will have it posted, for now though here are a couple still pictures I snapped along the way.
Also be sure to check out the artists website and buy a cd!

FPA_8044 FPA_8143 FPA_8119 FPA_8177

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