Atlanta Secret Party… that we want everyone to know about!

Only a couple more weeks till this years Halloween party! But don’t worry, it wont interfere with your Oct 31st plans since this years party will be Oct 19th. Though you might want to catch a nap because it runs 10pm-5am. puts on an amazing evening of DJ’s (including one of the best dj’s in the business: DJNEMESIS), Go-Go dancing, fire, costume contest, and entertainment. 21+ with costumes mandatory. They put on a 4th of July party to test out the space at this old church. It was AMAZING! Watch the video below for an idea of the evening.

Check out their facebook event page for more info.

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Hangout Beach, Music, & Arts Festival 2012

Good to go! All four days of the festival are up and ready.

Originally I planned to share images and post to local groups but decided to expand since I’ve had so many people asking to see pictures or where they can buy them. I know personal & commercial licensing etc but who wants to get mixed up in those details!! In the spirit of the laid back “be nice or go home” attitude that we adopted for the festival, I’ve decided to make it easy.

$2 and you’ve got a digital download that you can email, post to your facebook, or share on your blog!

HangoutFestival by

As always, send me an email! Say hello. I love hearing from people all over.
Enjoy, and leave me some feedback! Let me know what you guys think of the pictures and what you most enjoyed about the festival.

*All Photography copyrighted Chris Helton and

Flaming Lips!
Cage The Elephant
Me w/ The Lumineers
Flaming Lips!
Dave Mathews Band
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Dragon*Con 2011

So many pictures to share, so little space!! Well, here are a few… just a taste of the craziness hahaha

They want us to do WHAT!?

Left: “She ripped my heart out like this, then held it in her hand laughing maniacally.”  
Right: “mwahahaha he knows us woman sooo well!!”
Middle: “Just keep smiling…”

Amanda Tapping

Jefferson Starship


Yes, one girl is holding the other and the two guys are using angle grinders on her metal bra!

I have NO idea what to caption this as.

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