You’ll always hear an interesting story, if you take the time to listen. I sat down at a table at KFC with Deborah. She moved to Atlanta for her daughter but she grew up in the backwoods of Lousiana. She said, that was one thing she loved when growing up, they never went hungry. One of her favorite dishes when she was little was called “ka-wayne”. I asked, how do you spell that and she says “I don’t know how you spell it, you just say kawain, it’s Turtle”. . I asked her, if she has any siblings. She said “ohhh boy did we. Daddy was a preacher, had his own church. But I had 15 brothers and sisters. Most of us had different mommas though. So my momma would have a big lunch with all of us after church every Sunday, that way we’d know each other and wouldn’t end up shaking up with one of the family”

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